How to profile your Rails application in 2007

Posted at 17:51 | 29 Jul. 2020

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How to profile your Rails application in 2007


There's certain concepts and workflows that just feel- well- so *new*. It's hard to believe that we had robust Rails profiling solutions thirteen years ago. Here's a great article that came out this week (and is still up, no archive link!) discussing using ruby-prof and friends to profile your Rails application.


Make your test suite UNCOMFORTABLY FAST!


This still-live article from Thoughtbot's Jason Morrison originally published eleven years ago this week is a great introduction into test parallelization. I love using parallel tests wherever I can, it feels like the cheat code we can rely on to speed things up whether you're a one-person outfit or Shopify!


MacOS app development with Ruby


There was a fantastic, in-depth guide making the rounds in the Ruby community this week in 2006. The guide walks step-by-step showing you how you can build desktop MacOS applications using Ruby! From Shoes to Rubymotion to this, I love any excuse where I can spin up Ruby to write up a native application.

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The pros and cons of Ruby refinements


Refinements are interesting. Available since 2.0, they allow a more limited scope approach to reopening classes than monkeypatching. However sometimes I feel it's a segment of the native DSL that would be more the purview of seniors and metaprogrammers. There are definitely some considerations to be had here for everyone!

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